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Complaint Process

The Yukon Medical Council (YMC) oversees the practice of medicine under the Medical Profession Act and aims to resolve complaints involving physicians fairly and effectively. The goal is to have competent physicians practicing safe medicine for the benefit of the public.

The YMC is only able to respond to complaints made directly to the YMC.


  1. Complaints are to be submitted in writing using the YMC complaint form
  2. The physician is then provided a copy of the complaint and has 30 days to respond in writing.
  3. The YMC reviews all complaints and responses received.
    1. In cases where an investigation is considered warranted, an external investigator performs the investigation and makes recommendations to the YMC.
    2. YMC assesses the recommendations and determines appropriate action to be taken.

Members of the YMC recuse themselves from complaints if there is a conflict of interest.

Note: Depending on the severity of the complaint, the YMC may require the medical practitioner complained against to be suspended from the practice of medicine in Yukon until the results of the investigation are determined.

Possible outcomes

Investigations or inquiries may lead to the following outcomes:

  • No further action be taken; evidence submitted does not support the complaint known as an unsubstantiated charge
  • Fines
  • Reprimand or probation, including further education requirement or licence conditions
  • Suspension
  • Removal from the register

Decisions are communicated in writing to both the complainant and the physician.

Appeals may be made within 30 days of decision to the Supreme Court of Yukon.

Note: If the YMC or the Registrar is made aware of a situation, they have the power to place a complaint on the behalf of the public, and they would then follow the standard complaint process.

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